Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Turn Your Regular Laptop Screen Into Touch Screen With AirBar

Turn Your Laptop Into TouchScreen

The touchscreen is surely the latest phenomenon that every gadget friendly person craves for. With the technological advancement that occurred for the past few years, the effectiveness of touchscreen has become acceptable to every type of individuals. The major section of them loved the ease of accessibility that a touchscreen gadget has to offer. Most of the people, however, feel that they can only enjoy the convenience of the touchscreen with their smartphone. However, touchscreen laptop and personal computers are also there to give optimum comfort in usage.

However, the real deal here is cost-effectiveness. In the case, you wish to buy a laptop with touch screen feature in it; you are required to expand your budget. These particular laptops are way too expensive, and not everybody can afford it. Interestingly, you can quickly turn laptop into touchscreen and enjoy the flexibility of the device. Be it the Windows 10 or iOS operating system; you can now have the benefit of converting the screen of your same old laptop into a touch screen device by including a revolutionary gadget called AirBar.

AirBar – A brief introduction
AirBar is like any other USB connector you may include to your system to increase its functionality. It looks like a slim and sleek bar with a USB adaptor attached to it. Swedish company Neonode has launched three versions of AirBar in the recent time that includes version 13.3, 14 and 15.6. The company has aimed to implant zForce Air Technology to the laptop for creating light field that remains invisible. It needs to be attached to the bezel of the laptop.

AirBar – How it works?
It may require technological fandom to understand what goes underneath the hardware part of this device to make touch screen laptop but a natural explanation is always there. Gadget lovers have named the process as ‘the game of light’ as interpolation of light is the methodology that this particular device follows. The device generates a significant amount of infrared light that falls on your screen directly. As you start touching the regular screen of your laptop with the airbar operating at the same time, your finger touches the light AirBar is throwing on the screen. Due to the magnetic field, the AirBar becomes the thing that sends the message to the core of your laptop instead of the keyboard or the mouse. The moment this function starts accordingly, your laptop also starts reciprocating to nothing but the touch of your finger.

AirBar – How to install?
The advanced modification of this device has made it incredibly easy to install. Unlike, the other advanced equipment, it does not require any added software or driver to be attached to your laptop. All you have to do is to plug in the USB cable to any of the ports to add touch screen to laptop and get started with the functions.

Final Verdict – To get it or not
Regarding affordability, it is far more valuable option than any of the laptops that come along with the touch screen feature. Be it scrolling, sliding pictures or going through the PDFs, the AirBar serves the users with all the basic functionalities to be done with touch. All you need to do is to buy one based on the screen size of your laptop and get going with the benefit.

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