Wednesday, 1 November 2017

AirBar for MacBook Air - Add touch screen to MacBook Air Notebooks

AirBar for MacBook Air

AirBar is the ideal device for MacBook Air notebooks in case you want to add touch screen functionality to the notebook. AirBar happens to be the first ever plug-and-touch solution for MacBook Air 13.3. You can easily call it a brand new way in which to interact with your Mac notebook. You must have been waiting all these days to make your MacBook Air a touch based device. With AirBar you can safely say that the wait is over and it is time to realize your dream.

Features of AirBar
As has been said already this AirBar for MacBook Air is a plug-and-touch device. All you need to do is plug the magnetic strip in the device to the USB (universal serial bus) to any port on the right side of the laptop. Once it is installed and ready to use you can touch it with any device that you wish to. It could be your finger or even your gloves for that matter. The makers of this device say that you can control it with a banana as well. This device is compatible with MacBook Air 13.3. The device supports a display size of 15.6 inches with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It is 5 mm wide and 373 mm long. It normally needs a mounting surface of 20 mm so that there is a gap of 3 mm between the display screen and the AirBar.

The importance of touch
People are trained in such a way that they can touch things. Neonode AirBar for MacBook happens to be the first ever plug-and-touch device of the world that would touch the screen of your notebook to a touchscreen. With this device you can make your notebook a touch based device as and when you wish to do it. Over here you will be able to perform a number of activities such as browsing websites, watching videos, and playing games. The device itself is quite fast and works with a wide variety of touch devices such as fingers, paintbrushes, and pencils.

Some important information
You already know what needs to be done to connect the AirBar for Mac to your notebook. Right now the device will only run on MacBook Air 13.3. This means that it will not work with a MacBook Pro because AirBar normally needs around 17 mm of free space underneath the display screen. You can always visit the official website and get information regarding terms and conditions of this device. The device itself would come with AlwaysOn sensors.

Touching without a touchscreen
With this touchscreen device for MacBook you can actually make your device a touch based one without a touchscreen as such. There is no question of any battery drain or glare as such with this particular device. Over here you can perform a number of activities that you normally do on a touchscreen device such as pinch, zoom, swipe, and tap. Apart from that you can perform various Windows gestures like zooming and scrolling away as well. You can perform every such action with this device.

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